Caturday Supplement: Clara the ‘Nava Masquerade’ Siberian Cat

Clara (6 months old) is the first airbnb kitten I have ever had the pleasure of running across. Her dad brought her in to work at airbnb. She was maybe a bit hesitant, but not too shy. This was the first time I saw her, and every time someone came by she was happy to let them pet her. The second time I came by, she was wandering around… on-leash, of course.

She is of the breed Siberian cat, apparently ‘Nava Masquerade’ subtype. And she has an adorable instagram page.

Gorgeous Nava Masquerade Siberian Cat

I only wish my ear hair were that attractive. Since it’s close to that long.

Gorgeous Nava Masquerade Siberian Cat

That ‘Masquerade’ is gorgeous too.

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