Dog of the Day: …Something Small and Fluffy…

Hmm. Nope. Not a clue.

Small Unknown Fluffy Dog

Whatever he is, he looked awfully disgruntled...

Small Miscellaneous Fluffy Dog

...especially for someone who obviously got (and loved!) so much affection. Must just be a facial features thing.



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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: …Something Small and Fluffy…

  1. chris enquist says:

    i’m the owner of the unknown/unidentifiable/uninflatable dog mix picture from 5/28/11. his name is nugget and he is three years old. Autumn, you might be right about the king charles in him; my roommate think he’s corgi/pekingnese. I think he might be tibetan spaniel/corgi/pekingnese. maybe one of these days I’ll have his dna tested. Until then, I guess he is unknown, unidentifiable and completely lovable.
    btw, my roommate doesn’t think he looks disgruntled in the first photograph and that he looked pretty happy in the second.

    Adam, I hope your computer gets fixed soon. when it does, you ought to come back to huntington park and take some pictures of the other dogs like satchmo, augie, weego, etc., but maybe you’ve already done that. anyway, take care and keep taking pictures,

    Christopher, proud owner of nugget

  2. Adam Lang says:

    Welcome, Christopher! (And Nugget!) You’ve definitely got a cutie there.

    I get to Huntingdon Park all the time! It’s just that most often, I get there between 8:15 and 8:45, on my way to work. I’m sure there are a dozen disparate sets of people who go there, most of whom never see one another, just based on the times they usually arrive. But I’ve met quite a lot there. Definitely met an Augie. And I’ve met a Satchie, who may well have been Satchmo… in fact, I posted a picture of Satchie (and Desi), back in November of last year.

    It’s a great little park. Hope to see you there soon!

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