Leap Dog (and Friend) of the Leap Day: Papi the Chihuahua Italian Greyhound Mix

I ran into Papi and his bestest friend ever in the ever-awesome Green Apple Books, on Leap Day, February 29th. They were SO CUTE together!

This has been a really surreal year for me so far. I was sick most of the time from the last week of December through mid-February, and now everybody ELSE is sick. I’ve been stuck at home for more time than I’ve been out and about. It’s… kind of dispiriting.

Woman With Italian Greyhound Chihuahua Mix In Her Sweatshirt

There’s actually a doggie bag under that sweatshirt.

Italian Greyhound Chihuahua Mix With Ridiculous Ears Peeking Out Of A Bag

Papi is 4, but still somehow hasn’t managed to grow into his ears.

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