Sunday Switchup: San Francisco Sweets Review, The Brazen Head

I was going to do a review of Miette, but it turns out they’re only preparing food once a week, for pickup on Saturday. And I only tried to order today. Alas!

So I ordered food from ‘The Brazen Head’, including dessert, their ‘famous Fallen Angel Torte’. This is how they describe it:

Flourless chocolate mousse on a fallen chocolate souffle and topped with chocolate shavings.

It certainly sounded intriguing! Especially the part about the fallen chocolate souffle. Although ‘flourless chocolate mousse’ seems a bit goofy, as I have certainly never heard of a chocolate mousse with flour in it.

Well, it tasted… fine. Good, even. But it was nothing special. Basically a mousse on what amounts to a little bit of softer-than-usual flourless chocolate cake. With chocolate shavings, which is what everybody uses to garnish anything when they can’t think of anything better to use. And, roughly speaking, a little of the icing from cinnamon buns drizzled on top.

Meh. 3/5. It was fine, but it wasn’t worth the calories.

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