Sunday Switchup: San Francisco Sweets Review, Mina Family Kitchen

Well, you remember how I said I was going to order some tarts from Miette for this week? ‘This time for sure?’ Well, I did! And they cancelled the order. Turns out they aren’t making tarts at the moment, probably because the filling isn’t cooked, and they don’t want to spread viruses. Sigh.

So instead I bought a couple of things from the MINA Family Kitchen, a new venture by Michael Mina and, I guess, his family. It was created in response to the closure of his restaurant by COVID.

The food? Amazing. The desserts? Well…

Key Lime Tart

This one was apparently created by Ayesha Curry, who I am not familiar with, but that’s probably because I don’t follow the world of competitive chefing (chevving?)

Honestly, not too impressed! The crust was fine, but nothing special. Could have been flakier, or could have been tastier. The filling was a little sweeter than I prefer, not as tangy, not as tart. I mean, it was fine, but it was nothing special.

Pretty, though!

Call it 3 out of 5.

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