Sunday Switchup: San Francisco Sweets Review, Brioche Bakery Brioche French Toast

Okay, some people would say that this was brunch and not dessert. And I say, ‘this is DESSERT for BRUNCH’. Nyah.

Unfortunately, it frankly just wasn’t all that good dessert for brunch. Some of Brioche Bakery’s stuff is quite good, including their sandwiches, salads, egg dishes, and macarons. But this was just average French toast. Texture, meh. Taste, well, it tasted like French toast. With berries. And, to be fair, real maple syrup. And the whipped cream was clearly homemade and fresh, since it had half deflated by the time it got to me, literally less than 20 minutes after I ordered and less than 10 minutes after it was picked up. But overall, meh. 2 out of 5. ‘Fine if there’s nothing else to eat.’

Brioche French Toast From Brioche Bakery, San Francisco

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