Sweet Sunday Switchup: Fiorella’s Guittard Chocolate Budino

I ordered from a local place, a little pizza place not far from me. This is the first time I’ve tried their food, since they are a recent addition, transplanted in the place of… another pizza place.

Their pizza is yummy, but the important part was their ‘Guittard Chocolate Budino’, which is a sort of really rich mousse. With hazelnut brittle and sea salt.

Verdict: amazing! 5/5. The hazelnut brittle just by itself is great, and it’s just sweet enough to balance out the really rich, bittersweet chocolate. And the crunch switches things up very nicely with the creamy mousse.

There was only one thing that kept it from getting the coveted 6/5 rating: it could really have used some more texture variation. It needs a crust, or something else… the nut brittle isn’t quite enough.

Also, a recommendation: if they give you the same amount in the restaurant that they do for delivery, get this for two. I am a big chocolate fan and I couldn’t finish the damn thing.

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