Sunday Parfait: Humphry Slocombe and Rustic Bakery

I made my own dessert for this Sunday switchup. It still counts, because it’s made out of a San-Francisco-made ice cream and some cookies that were made in Petaluma. (Which is, in case you don’t know, about 30 miles north of San Francisco.)

Specifically, I made a rather nice parfait:

Salted caramel and cacao nib ice cream, with two layers of crushed chocolate cacao nib shortbread interspersed.

Result: 4/5. I am awesome. The ice cream itself is wonderful, not too sweet and with that tang of salt. and the nibs are halfway between chocolate and nuts, not adding any sweetness but adding a lovely crunch. And the cookies are rich, and also have their own nibs, and add their own crunch to the mix. Lovely!

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