Sunday Switchup Dessert Review: Philmore Creamery

I decided to try something from the Philmore Creamery today: a Cherry Crumble Pie with Gianduia Gelato.


Pie: 3/5. It’s fine, but the nothing distinguished. The crush isn’t flaky, it’s just sort of there. The oat mixture on top is tasty but not particularly interesting from a texture point of view. The cherries are mostly whole, which makes them awkward and not entirely pleasant  to chew on. The filling is a little sweeter than I like but still well within my comfort zone.

Ice cream: 3/5. Also fine. It’s a perfectly good chocolate ice cream, but there’s not a lot of hazelnut flavor that I could detect. And frankly, as a chocoholic, chocolate ice cream has never been in my top ten. However, it’s definitely very creamy and rich.

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