Dog of the Day: St. Patrick’s Day Corgi/Golden Retriever Mix

A few pictures I took back on St. Paddy’s Day, of a gorgeous ginger dog. And a corgi (don’t know what kind)/golden retriever mix… two of Autumn’s (and my) favorites.

(The pictures were accidentally taken at low resolution, so there are no higher-resolution versions to go to if you click on them. Sorry about that.)

Golden Retriever/Corgi Mix

Final verification of my theory that neckerchiefs/bandanas on dogs are the only pieces of clothing that make a dog MORE awesome.

Corgi/Golden Retriever Mix

Bonus: this dog appeared to quite like Irish music.

Golden Retriever/Corgi Mix

Don't know whether it was half Pembroke or Cardigan. Big floofy tail, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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