Dog of the Day: Dipsea the Central Asian Village Puppy

Dipsea (10 months, male) is an immigrant from Russia! He came from a little village, and was born with crooked legs. When he was shipped over here, they broke them and reset them so they’d heal straight, and now he’s fully healed and he can run and play with other dogs and go hiking with his mom and dad. Which is where he got his name: there’s a trail called the ‘Dipsea trail‘ in the North Bay, and it’s gorgeous and quite a rough hike. I’m sure he can run it in a couple of hours, but I’m lucky if I can limp it in a day.

Central Asian Village Dog, Black With White Feet And Medallion And Nose
Dipsea is also known as ‘Dipsy-Doodle’, although he isn’t a doodle and in my opinion he isn’t even all that dipsy!
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