Dog of the Day: Toby the Bassett Hound

Man, I’m not sure Toby’s family knows quite how lucky they have it. Toby is 13 years old, but when I saw him I assumed he was 2 or 3, based on the way he moved. He’s got that ‘just a half a step away from flying’ bounce that I associate with dogs that don’t know they aren’t still puppies, and if his health is good enough that he still thinks he’s a puppy at age 13, then all I can do is be green with envy.

Bassett Hound Looking Up At His Owner
Thirteen years old. That makes him… older than this blog. (Which started in November of 2009.)
Basset Hound Looking Mournful
I spent most of November and December with my eyes looking like that. But his are SUPPOSED to.
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