The Last of the Surfers: Faith and Rusty

This is the last set of surfers I have for you. I was going to post them earlier but their owner suggested I email her because I wanted to know who had done the absolutely incredible paint-I-mean-grooming job on the little leopard, and she said she’d tell me. But unfortunately she put her email address into my phone wrong, so I guess I’m going to miss out on telling you that. Sorry!

I will, however, have some ‘followup’ pictures of him on the beach, tomorrow. And I did get their names (Rusty is the leopard). They won the ‘dog/dog tandem’ category!

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2 Responses to The Last of the Surfers: Faith and Rusty

  1. Sophia Sadlowski says:

    Hey Rusty’s Mom here so sorry about the email his Instagram account is rustythesurfinminpin you can find my email there, I left my email below too, also the groomers gabrielfeitosagroomer

    • Adam Lang says:

      Oh, thanks! I’ll note that the groomer’s info is down in the comments. Heck of a cute and talented pup you’ve got there!

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