Dog of the Day: Eddie the Dachshund

Oh no! Eddie’s dad recognized me and told me I’d taken pictures of him before, years ago, and even posted them, but I must not have gotten his name because I can’t find him! The perils of a web site with TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOGS on it.

Anyway, Eddie is now 17, and no longer as sprightly as he once was, but he’s still just as interested in going out and socializing. So sometimes he walks, and sometimes he hitches a ride.

Man Petting Dachshund In Bag
I know just what he’s doing here. Dachshund ears are so velvety, it’s hard to resist petting them.
Man Petting The Ear Of An Old Dachshund
It’s amazing how white dogs can go. And how they don’t have to worry about male pattern baldness OR receding hairline. Grumble grumble.
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