Dog of the Day: Australian Cattle Dog Mix Again

This is the guy I posted on July 20th, as a beagle mix. Turns out I had already posted some other pictures of him on July 5th. Grr. My bookkeeping isn’t perfect, but it’s not usually that bad.

I think I was wrong on breed ID though. The more I look at him, the more I think he’s an Australian cattle dog.

Oh well. I still have a couple I didn’t post, so here they are.

Blue Heeler Mix

Another reason to think he's an ACD mix: he sure seems pretty ball-obsessed. He stood there like this watching the ball for minutes at a time.

Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Hee. Ears sticky out to the sides = funny-looking. Just like an uncle I used to have.


Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Sometimes I wish I could shut off my brain and just chase balls for a day, and come out of it as happy as this guy. Always provided I could make sure it would turn on again afterwards, of course.

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