Dog of the Day: Baci the Bernese Mountain Dog

My notes say Baci is eight. He looks eight MONTHS old!

I forgot that I spent almost two months packing my stuff, and figured it would only take a couple days to unpack. Yeah, uh, about that. I’ve now been at it for a week, only two of those days taken up by work, and I’m … not even close to done. Although I am putting stuff away in a much more organized way than it was before. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I do, at least, have a bed. It’s not my main bed, which I’m still missing a couple pieces of hardware for. Those pieces are weird enough that I think I’m going to have some serious issues replacing them, too. We’ll see. But at least I have my bunk bed put together. Now if only I had anything I could use to climb INTO the bunk bed. (Because the bottom bunk is actually a desk, and although the top bunk is comfy once you get into it, I am no longer twelve, twenty-four, or even forty-eight.)

Bernese Mountain Dog Snoot
It’s actually pretty amazing how much the popularity of Berners has climbed in the last twenty years or so.
Bernese Mountain Dog Looking To The Side
It’s not hard to see why, but still… hundred-plus-pound dogs are a commitment!
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