Blog Award Continued

Another ‘thing about me’, continued from last weekend. I guess this is more about the blog than about me, but close enough.

No Politics on the Blog

I’ve been doing pretty well, I think, at keeping a little rule I made for myself when I started the blog. That was well before I gave up reading political blog stuff myself, but I decided then that I wasn’t going to post anything political or more controversial than local San Francisco dog-related politics.

I know that most of the people who read the blog are from San Francisco, and so are going to tend to echo my politics. However, I always figured, and my traffic stats bear this out, that there would be a substantial number of people reading who just like both dogs and San Francisco, and not all of these were going to reflect my political tastes.

I feel absolutely no compulsion to deprive anyone of pictures of cute puppies because of their political beliefs. And I know that’s what would happen if I started talking about politics, because I feel strongly about them.

If I ever get the impression that anyone is interested in my political beliefs, then I’ll start a political blog. And record traffic statistics. Fastest way I know to disabuse yourself of the notion that anyone is, indeed, interested in your political beliefs. 🙂

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