Dog of the Day: Izzy (Izzobel!) the Labrador Retriever Mix

I found someone waiting outside a cafe on Polk Street. Turns out her name is Izzy (short of Izzobel). Funny, I know a song about a dog named ‘Izzy’, short for ‘Isabel’ (and another named Rose). It was written by two of the goofiest songwriters in the business: Lou and Peter Berryman, and I highly encourage you to check it out if you like goofiness. It’s called ‘Ralph to Rose‘.

Labrador Retriever Mix

What a funny position. Not sure I've ever seen that one before.

Labrador Retriever Mix

This is how she stayed. Everyone stopped to pet her. She just lay there. Every once in a while she'd wag a tiny bit, but she seemed totally distraught.

Labrador Retriever Mix

Those ears are totally ridiculous.

Labrador Retriever Mix

I was taking pictures, and suddenly she scrambles to her feet.

Labrador Retriever Mix

You can guess, right? Mom came back.

Labrador Retriever Mix

Total elapsed time since mom went into the cafe? Less than half an hour. What a HAM!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Izzy (Izzobel!) the Labrador Retriever Mix

  1. elena flannagan says:

    what a cutie she looks like my dog Jack a little he is lab retriever mix also he is 13 and a half I was looking to adopt a a lab that could also be a seeing eye dog since i am blind on one side of my eyes,can you or do you know anyone that can help me?

    • Adam Lang says:

      Do you live in the San Francisco area? I do know a couple of organizations around here that work with seeing eye dogs, but I don’t really have any contacts at either one, I just know their names.

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