Dog of the Day: Doberman Pinscher

Our first Doberman Pinscher!

I’ve always thought Doberman Pinschers looked kind of intimidating… big, slim, fast, and… pointy. Sharp ears, sharp muzzle. Dangerous. It didn’t help that I was knocked around by a neighbor’s Doberman when I was a kid, although even then I knew that that dog, in particular, wanted nothing more than to lick my face. He had pretty hideous breath.

This guy was a little more restrained.  Quite friendly, in fact, in a not-terribly-attentive sort of way. I suspect he had something else to pay attention to.

Obviously an extremely alert dog.

Obviously an extremely alert dog.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m sorry you haven’t had the opportunity to meet my doberman, Logan! He’d be giving you kisses! (minus the stinky breath!)

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