Dog of the Day: Mochi the Keeshund

I promised someone a grey foofly dog, and lo, I have delivered! Mochi is an eight-and-a-half-year-old Keeshund with a sweet disposition. Can’t for the life of me remember where I ran into her, although it looks like it was somewhere on the peninsula.


Keeshund fur needs a label. 'Good down to -10° F. (AWESOME below -10° F.)'


Look at the feet. All right in a row. If I were her I'd be afraid of falling over sideways.


Does anyone else remember 'Fizzgig' from The Dark Crystal?


They're really very pretty dogs. And they'd go really well with my dress scheme, or at least my pants, most of which are black.


Is it just me, or does a keeshund backside look a little like an Old English Sheepdog's front side?

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Mochi the Keeshund

  1. M.C. says:

    She’s got the “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” look to her eyes.

  2. Emily Deckenback says:

    Yay! Love the keeshond! Thank you. I still say my parents’ matched set is prettier, though. 😉 This one isn’t quite up to the breed standard.

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