Dog of the Day: Rex the Russian Spaniel Mix

Алло, да, это собака!

It’s nice that my four years of Russian class hasn’t left me utterly helpless in the face of Russian-ness. For example, when I meet a beautiful Russian woman of mystery on the streets of San Francisco, I know exactly what to do: take pictures of her dog.

And so, may I introduce Rex, the Russian Spaniel mix, a recent Russian emigre.

Russian Spaniel Mix

I would expect a city with such a large Russian population to have more Russian dogs.

Russian Spaniel Mix

Russian spaniels normally have tails. Wonder what this guy was mixed with, or if he just got cropped or lost his in an accident?

Russian Spaniel Mix

Looking at that tail stub, it looks like it might well have been an accident.

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  1. M.C. says:

    I love the look of this dog!

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