Dog of the Day: “Puppy” the 10-year-old Husky/Lab/Samoyed/Aussie/Whaaaatever!

I don’t care what breed Puppy is: he’s an adorable, huggable, healthy dog. That’s what matters, right?

(Still flat on my back in bed. Back’s better, but still not happy.)

White Mixed-Breed Dog

I find dog ears endlessly fascinating, and feel a little sorry for floppy-eared breeds. They're missing out on such an amazing instrument of self-expression.


White Mixed-Breed Dog

Not sure what that expression is on him. On me it's "I just woke up, lemmee alone."

White Mixed-Breed Dog

Uh oh, here comes another one.

White Mixed-Breed Dog

The patented Dogs of SF NOSEBOMB! (Yes, I'm amused by every single one of these. Yes, that makes me easily amused. Any more questions?)

White Mixed-Breed Dog

Another inscrutable expression.

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23 Responses to Dog of the Day: “Puppy” the 10-year-old Husky/Lab/Samoyed/Aussie/Whaaaatever!

  1. Snort says:

    Thanks for posting the photos. Puppy says ‘hi’.

  2. brandon mcneely says:

    That looks like a Pure bred German Sheppard they have white and black ones,

    • Adam Lang says:

      Could well be. I don’t know, though… his face didn’t quite look like one to me. Still, you never know!

  3. Tracy says:

    30 years ago, when I was growing up in California, we had a female Samoyed (Shilo) and a male white lab (Chevy), who had many many litters of puppies, which we always found good homes for in cities around the Bay Area & all the way up into the Sierra foothills. More that a few Christmases found us kids standing in front of one shopping center or another with a box full of pups to find loving homes for! Shiloh always had at least a dozen pups each time. I ran across this image, and would swear this is the offspring of one of our pups!
    I live in Ohio now, but were I to be back in California I would search until I found one. This dog has a “smile” that is the spitting image of our “Heavy Chevy” and it warms my heart to think they still have offspring running around California!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I would not be the slightest bit surprised.

      Autumn’s family had a samoyed/golden retriever mix that looked a fair bit like this dog. She was pretty awesome, although she got rather crotchety towards the end of her (seventeen-year!) life.

      • Mike says:

        I live near Montreal , Quebec Canada. I have the same dog!! His name is “Bear”. We got him as an 8week old puppy from a rescue org.we called him ” Bear” because he looked like a little polar bear cub…”Poley Bear”… I’ve never known exactly what he is but he is the most amazing dog.

        • Adam Lang says:

          Aww! Well, you could try one of those DNA kits (though they’re a little unreliable) or you could just make up a name in French and tell all the English-speakers that he’s a purebred of that breed and smile mysteriously. Either way, sounds like you have a great dog. šŸ™‚

  4. Dustin Olon says:

    this is the kind of a dog I had since I lived on the charlottes but I love him and I don’t know how he died from but he is a good dog

  5. This looks like Odin, my beloved doggie who, as a stray, found me in the late 1960s. He lived until age 15-1/2. The best dog ever!

  6. Doggie mamma says:

    This One so much like Our dog! We got him as a rescue a year ago so I had to open up this link to read more and make sure it wasn’t the same dog. We think ours is a lab husky mix but who knows what he is besides being a really awesome dog. Gentle and calm, patient and quiet. We call him the Zen master in our house. : ). Why he was given away I will never understand!

  7. lily says:

    such a beautiful dog. my dog died 2 weeks ago and she looks exactly like her

  8. Barb says:

    Our pup looked just like that. His DNA test said that he was lab samoyed shar pei. We are looking for a pup just like him. Please let me know if anyone knows where we can find one. Thank you!

  9. Billy M says:

    OMG! my dog looks just like him. She was a rescue dog found in Stockton,Ca. and was rescued to a Walnut Creek shelter. I wonder if they are related…hmm.. we don’t know too exactly what she is mixed with. But we think she is a white German Shepard mix w/ husky..but she look’s exactly like your dog with the red nose and black spots and the same ears that fold back. but our dog is 3and a half yrs old. and I see this pic was back in 2012. So would be a coincidence if they are related..could be grandpa..idk..

    • Adam Lang says:

      Not impossible! Any pictures of your pup online? If so, drop a couple of links in a comment here so we can see!

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