Lots-a-dogs Day: Corgis etc.

I was just reminded (thanks, Matthew!) that I had promised some corgi pictures. So here they are.


Same guy I posted before, rolling. It's apparently a habit of his. Mom and dad were not amused, but I was.


Big corgi grin.

Corgi and Hound

Not sure what kind of hound that is. I have a vague memory that it might actually be a corgi mix but its legs aren't short enough.

Corgi and Hound

Dad finally got their full attention.

Corgis and Terrier

Get a load of that guy's face. So goofy. Also, special bonus terrier.

Corgis and Hound

I think the corgi in the back has one floppy ear.

Corgis and Hound

Make that two floppy ears. Also, get a load of that goofy corgi butt.

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