Double Dog Day: Doc and Dolly the Snoozy Bloodhounds

These two are vital employees of Russian Hill Upholstery and Decor, a shop near where Autumn and I live (on Polk near Jackson). They may to the casual eye appear to be sleeping, but don’t be fooled: they are actually deep in thought about their next spectacular, award-winning interior decoration masterpiece!

(I have been meaning to post these two for ages, but I have had a terrible time trying to get the color balance right on these images. In the end, I’ve just given up. They look totally different, you’ll just have to live with it.)


That level of concentration is hard for mere human beings to achieve.


There's nothing that can relax like a saggy-faced dog.


Perhaps we could call this position "a pile of bloodhound". Also, yes, that's Autumn in the background.

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