Dog of the Day: Little Man, the Off-the-Charts Cute Pit Bull Puppy

Autumn and I stopped by a newish coffee shop in Polk Gulch (aka Polk Street where it goes through the edge of the Tenderloin.) It sits at Polk and Pine, in the space where Polk Street Station used to be, a space that has sat vacant for several years now. All in all, we were pretty happy with the place… at first.

Then what happened? Then the owner’s 4-month-old brindle-striped pit bull puppy (named ‘Little Man’) came by for a visit (outside of course). At which point we became utterly ecstatic. So cute! So happy! So wiggly!

Pit Bull Puppy

It was a dim day, and this guy never stays still for more than a hundredth of a second. It was MURDER getting non-blurry shots of him!

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

If he looks unhappy or concerned in any of the pictures, it is almost certainly because he was being prevented from licking someone he wanted very much to lick.

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

"Airplane ears!"

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

Little Man was curious about everything. Which means you can probably guess what is coming next.

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

Our patented Schnozz-shot!

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

The owner's son, on the right, and I'm not clear on who the gentleman is, but he brought the puppy by so he's a hero in my book.

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

Wiggles and giggles and licks, that's what puppydogs are made of.

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

Overloaded puppy expression. All the happy you can squeeze into one small space.

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

Beards are delicious, maybe?

4-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy

And this is definitely the "Hey... I couldn't help but not that these two are cuddling me, but you aren't," expression.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Little Man, the Off-the-Charts Cute Pit Bull Puppy

  1. senya parker says:

    soo cute i wish he was mine!!!!

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