Double Dog Day: Dasja and Jemma the Bernese Mountain Dogs

I’ve been a bad boy… didn’t post at all yesterday, and I’m late today. Bad me! In reparation, here are two awfully good dogs. (Jemma is the one with the shorter fur.)

Bernese Mountain Dogs

I don’t know if the kids were complete strangers to the dogs’ owner. I suspect so, and that everyone just flumped down in the sidewalk and greeted. Awesome.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

As far as I know, Berners have exactly two expressions: soulful and goof-a-riffic. Hint: this one’s ‘soulful’.

Two Bernese Mountain Dogs

Okay, now we’re heading in the ‘goofy’ direction.

Two Bernese Mountain Dogs

After a great deal of petting, the two pups got treats and I headed off to the store. The end?

Bernese Mountain Dog

…and then fifteen minutes later, on my way back from the store, who should I run into… (Looks like there may be some disagreement on where they’re going, and on who is walking whom!)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Goofy again! Yay.

Bernese Mountain Dog

I think we might be mid-bark here.

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4 Responses to Double Dog Day: Dasja and Jemma the Bernese Mountain Dogs

  1. Greg says:

    Looks like my wife was out with the dogs again. The kids aren’t ours but we have piles of nieces and nephews. The dogs are quite kid proofed and I think they prefer the company of people their size. Dasja (the older but shorter one) is quite good at getting “walked” by kids.

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