Caturday Supplement: Neighborhood Trio

Not sure if I posted some of Autumn’s pictures of these three before or not. I took a quick look and couldn’t find them. They live about a block and a half from us, in a little bitty pedestrian alley between two row houses. The road out in front is a cable-car road on a hefty hill, so nobody takes it at more than 15 mph, and the cats seem to do just fine. They get fed by the people in this apartment building, and are quite tame. I hadn’t found them before this, although Autumn mentioned them several times. But now I know where they are, so I can go get some feline fuzz therapy every once in a while.

Three Black and White Cats

The eyes on the solid black one. Gorgeous.

Three Black and White Kitties

Should be pretty easy to guess where the people who feed them live.

Black and White Cat Stretching

Streeeeeetch! Also, cat-butt.

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