Dogs of SF Photo Contest: Cats

Edit 3: Wow. Well, that’s pretty cool. We have a tie for first, and second place is one point behind! Full results are at the bottom.

Edit 2: Man, the competition is really heating up! Two of the pics are neck in neck, with a third making rapid strides from behind! This is still anybody’s game, folks.

Edit: as with last week, remember that daily posts will appear below this one.

It’s cat contest time! I persuaded someone I respect as an animal cute-ologist to pick the submissions for me. These are the results. I would like to say that I am honestly sorry to those of you whose pictures did not get picked, or to those who submitted two pictures but only have one here; my correspondent said that this was a pretty tough choice for him, and it would have been murder for me. (Especially as I know two of the people who submitted entries.)

I would also like to note that people really like their cats. I had two people submit between ten and twenty pictures of their cats, despite the rules only saying two. I decided that it was only fair that I limit them to one entry each. (In theory, people who submitted two cat pictures could have ended up with two finalists in this round, though it didn’t work out that way with anyone in practice.) I admit, though, some of those pictures were pretty darn cute.

And I am still trying to get someone lined up to pick the top five of the dog photos for next week, because I really don’t want to have to do that myself. I wonder if I can find someone at Bay to Barkers next weekend (HINT HINT HINT go to Bay to Barkers next weekend) to do it?

So, here are the entrants, again in a quite random order. Please pick one, and again, if you feel like claiming yours in the comments, that’s fine, otherwise I’ll just keep them anonymous.

Kaylee the Dog and Elly the Cat Being Goofy

ENTRY 1: Kaylee the Dog and Elly the Cat Being Goofy

Violet the Schipperke/Pomeranian and Zoolander the Black Cat, Napping

ENTRY 2: Violet the Schipperke/Pomeranian and Zoolander the Black Cat, Napping

Drake the Cat (or Possibly Drake's Cat) Investigates a Camera

ENTRY 3: Drake the Cat (or Possibly Drake’s Cat) Investigates a Camera

Lucca the Cat Snoozes on a Laptop

ENTRY 4: Lucca the Cat Snoozes on a Laptop (Lucca may look vaguely familiar.)

Lady Jane the Cat Hatches Evil Plans From Under an End Table

ENTRY 5: Lady Jane the Cat Hatches Evil Plans From Under an End Table


  • Tied for first, Lady Jane (entry 5) and Lucca (entry 4) each at 29 votes.
  • Second place, Kaylee the Dog and Elly the Cat at 28 votes.
  • Third place, the cat who may or may not be known as Drake
  • Fourth place, Violet and Zoolander.

Awesome work, everyone!

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9 Responses to Dogs of SF Photo Contest: Cats

  1. Like Lucca, I fall asleep at the computer now and then.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Anyone who hasn’t fallen asleep at the computer while writing hasn’t been doing much late-night writing. My forehead has a groove where I rest it when I’m ‘thinking’ at the computer.

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  3. Kathy Hix says:

    One more for Lady Jane

  4. Anne says:

    Awww, how can I not vote for Kaylee and Elly! They are soooooooo sweet together 🙂 and this picture captures that perfectly.

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  6. Corla Crase says:

    Congratulations to Lady Jane :)!

  7. Molly says:

    Where does Violet live? She looks just like our rescue and I would love to meet up, were not sure if shes pom, schipperke or both!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Violet and Zoolander live in San Francisco, or did in 2012. (Wow, has it really been that long since my photo contest?) I don’t know what has happened since then though…

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