Dog of the Day: Teeny Tiny Shetland Sheepdog

I could call this a quadruple dog day, but I’d just be fooling myself… the teeny tiny Sheltie totally stole the show. (This is, by the way, a view in the front window of The Groom Room, one of our local dog grooming parlors.)

Tiny Shetland Sheepdog, Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Rat Terrier Mix

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a full-grown Sheltie that was that small before, but it couldn’t be anything else.

Sheltie Shaking Itself

Not sure if this would have been better at a higher shutter speed, or whether it’s just fine the way it is.

Shetland Sheepdog

You could lose SOCKS in that coat.

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