Dog of the Day: Sterling the Bedlington Terrier

This is not Sterling’s first brush with fame: apparently he’s been in a photo book of pictures of dogs and their families. Not sure which one, and I wasn’t immediately able to figure it out with Google, but if anyone happens to know, please do leave a comment.

Light Blue Bedlington Terrier

Sterling is 12, although you’d never know it to look at him, or to play with him.

Light Blue Bedlington Terrier

Every time I see a Bedlington, I think the same thing: with that poof of fur down the muzzle, how can they possibly have binocular vision?

Light Silver Bedlington Terrier

I hereby pronounce Sterling ‘an absolute sweetie’.


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  1. Lisa says:

    As a kid I used to spend hours looking at the dog breeds section in the encyclopedia. I remember thinking the bedlington terrier was so cute because it had a sheep face and ear pompoms. This one looks much more reasonable than the illustration.

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