Multi-Dog Day: Some More of the Ugly Dogs Contest

We are coming to the end of our ‘ugly dogs’ posts, not because I’m running out of pictures but because I have something else planned for this coming week, and I don’t want to belabor this point too hard. So I’m just going to dump some of the better pictures in here and call it a year. More next year, barring any sudden changes in address, of course!

Chinese Crested Dog

I’m not sure this pup (who I can’t identify) was having quite as much fun as mom was.

Chinese Crested Dog

This one, whom I believe to be ‘Spam-o-Rama’, was having fun for a while… and then got a little overwhelmed.

Chinese Crested Dog

Yup, it sure is. Spam-o-rama looks the same as he did when he entered in 2010, but his companion looks quite a bit different!

Chinese Crested Dog Sticking Out His Tongue

Aw. You can make it, pup. It’s only one day a year.

Chinese Crested Dog

I really like this picture. I think the dog is ‘Icky’. (No, that’s not a value judgement, that’s his name.)

Chinese Crested Dog Making a Goofy Face

And I think this one is Josie. She looks a little sad.

Grinning Pug With a Ridiculously Long Tongue

Penny is a bit of a one-trick puppy: sure, she has a yard of tongue, and she’s a pug, but you need more than that to compete in a contest like this.

Chinese Crested and Chinese Crested Mix

The closer of the two is Isaboo, and I can’t identify the other one. I personally think he without the mohawk… which, I guess, was probably the point.

Chinese Crested Dog with Mohawk

Isaboo again. Awesome.

Chinese Crested Mix

Can’t identify this pup either, but I’m impressed. With those bulgy eyes I wonder if he’s Chinese crested/Chihuahua?

Chinese Crested Dog Mix

I don’t know who this one is, but she’s definitely got her own personal style.

Chihuahua and Unknown Mixed Breed

The one in the back is Scamp, a contestant. I like to think the one in front is his manager.

Various Dogs

The pre-contest pep talk. I wish I’d gotten more pictures back there, it was quite impressive being surrounded by those dogs.

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2 Responses to Multi-Dog Day: Some More of the Ugly Dogs Contest

  1. Heather Wilson says:

    Hi there,
    I am Boolah and Isaboo’s mama. The picture of the unidentified dog with Isaboo is Boolah. She’s his doggie mom! Also, I just want to let you know I think my dogs have the time of their lives at the show. We’ve been twice, driving from Idaho. Aside from loving car rides, the longer the better, they enjoy being around excitement and other dogs. The weather is usually better than ours so that’s a plus. If they ever stop having fun, we won’t take them. But I do believe the contest is a wonderful way to draw attention to “homely” dogs that are passed up in shelters. Some people would leave empty handed if there were no “cute” dogs.
    Hope this info was helpful!
    Heather Wilson =o)

    • Adam Lang says:

      Ah hah! Well, I’m glad you and the pups enjoy it. I have to say, I enjoyed it quite a bit myself, despite the technical difficulties and having to leave so early.

      I do really feel for the homely dogs, because I have seen a lot of them in the shelters I’ve visited. I think it’s bad enough that we judge people on appearance, but dogs too? After all, they all cuddle up just the same, right?

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