Dog of the Day: Olive the 9-Month-Old Australian Labradoodle

I ran into Olive a couple of times over the last few weeks, and I can tell you that she is even prettier in person than she is in pictures, and super-sweet to boot. The fur color is hard to describe, and not terribly well-represented in these pictures (too much sun!). It’s like she’s got a thousand different shades of gold going on all at the same time. It’s so gorgeous, and I’ve almost never seen anything like it. (I keep feeling like I have, but I can’t remember when or where.) If any of the dog-genetics-experts are still poking their heads into this blog ever, maybe we can get someone to weigh in on what’s going on here.

Oh, mom said that she might have some terrier and cocker spaniel in her, as well as Lab and poodle, if that helps any.

We’ll be seeing more of Olive tomorrow, along with a friend.

Tan/Brown/Golden Labradoodle

Olive was utterly enthralled by her new toy. She was running around and showing it to everyone.

Tan/Brown/Golden Labradoodle

This was not Olive playing fetch with the stick. This was Olive dancing around because she was so happy about having the stick. Also: this gives a bit more detail on the coat color… maybe it’s dark brown at the bottom and light at the tips? I’ve seen that with other colors but not with tan/brown.

Tan/Brown/Golden Labradoodle

Most Americans spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on stuff that does not make them nearly as happy as this stick makes this dog.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Olive the 9-Month-Old Australian Labradoodle

  1. Olive Labradoodle says:

    OMG I’m famous!! Yippeeeee!!

  2. Olive Labradoodle says:

    Yippee I’m famous!

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