Triple Dog Day: A Briard, a German Shorthaired Pointer, and an Akita Walk Into A Bar

Okay, okay, they’re not in a bar, they’re just outside one. They all three met there, and proceeded to sniff butts in high style. I did get the akita’s name (Juneau, age three and a half, a boy) because I had to ask about the breed. I had never seen an akita with husky/malamute coloration before. Neat!

Also, I think the briard might well be Shamus, who was first posted here three years and one day ago!

Briard, Akita, and German Shorthaired Pointer

It was a pretty amazing three-way meeting… almost three hundred pounds of calm, well-mannered dog.

Briard and Akita

The briard had been drinking water in front of a pet store just down the block, and left a nice wet blotch on my jeans. The hazards of dog duty.

Akita, Silver with Black Overlay

Does anyone know what this coloration is called on an akita? It’s gorgeous.

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