Dog of the Day: Goldendoodle and the Cone of Happy

One day, a really nice vet came along and fastened a magic cone of happy to this dog’s neck, and said, “You will magically get treats and everyone will be your friend while you have this cone on.” And the dog said “Yaaaay!”

(And yes, he knew that he magically got treats already, and everyone was his friend already. But he didn’t care. Because why would he?)

Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle Mix) With Elizabethan Collar

Oh man, he was REALLY happy.

Salt-and-Pepper Schnauzer, Goldendoodle with Cone of Shame, Pug, and Unidentifiable Dogbutt

You’ll be seeing more of the gorgeous schnauzer on the left soon.

Goldendoodle in Elizabethan Collar, West Highland White Terrier, and Mixed-Breed Dog

Aw, pretty cute westie there, too.

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