Dog of the Day: Elsa the Bernese Mountain Dog

In one 24-hour period last week, I ran into: two adult Bernese mountain dogs (common enough in SF), one Bernese mountain dog puppy (ee!), one Greater Swiss mountain dog (rare in SF), and one Entlebucher (VERY rare in SF). If I could only have found an Appenzeller (which I’ve never even seen before) I would have gotten the entire set.

In celebration, I hereby declare this ‘Swiss Dog Week!’ Let the awesomeness begin!

Edit: Ohgod, I totally forgot to mention that Elsa was being walked by a gentleman from ‘Ultimate Dog Walking‘, a competitor of Autumn’s San Francisco Pup Scouts. But hey, that’s no reason we can’t be friendly, right? Even if they areĀ the enemy.

Grinning Bernese Mountain Dog

So why is it that Swiss dogs all have such awesome eyebrows?

Bernese Mountain Service Dog With Backpack Doing a High Five

This was by no means Elsa’s only trick (‘high five!’) but it was definitely a good one.

Bernese Mountain Service Dog With Backpack Doing a High Five

Elsa is about 100 pounds of pure love. (Plus about a half pound of drool. Yay!)

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