Dog of the Day: Oh My God I Have No Idea But I Want One

I ran into two tremendously, ridiculously adorable puppies today. One I will be posting tomorrow, barring misfortune, and that one I actually got to play with. This one I just got to peer in a window at, and occasionally see wander through the viewing area of the live Macy’s window holiday webcam while I was at work.

I thought there must be something wrong with the world, since I saw this pup when I jogged past Macy’s on the way to work in the morning, and she was still there when I went home. I thought, “Have I misjudged humanity so utterly? WHY WILL NO ONE ADOPT THIS PUPPY!” But all is right with the world: someone committed to adopting the pup around 10 AM, but had to come back tomorrow to actually pick her up. Well, that’s all right, then. I only wish I knew when the lucky owner would be dropping by, so I could head there with my camera and catch some adoption photos.

Adorable Puppy in a Window

This almost looks like a Eurasier puppy. But that seems unlikely.

Adorable Little Fluffy Puppy OMG

I think her name was ‘Butterball’ or something similar.


Help… going… into… cuteness… coma…

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