Dog of the Day: Pug in a Purple Octopus Costume

I just got back from a visit to a certain pair of adorable Bernese mountain dogs, whom Autumn is dog-sitting. I’m just glad there weren’t three of them, because I only had two hands and they were both so obviously in need of petting! (And right at the moment I need a shower, because I have had most of my head licked. But ah well, I’ve gone to bed dirtier than that before.)

But I’m tired, now. And my eye itches. And I am hoping you can’t get pinkeye from a dog tongue. So here, have a pug in a purple octopus costume. I’m going to bed.

A Pug in a Purple Octopus Costume

Pugs in costumes are even funnier than most breeds, with the possible exception of corgis.

A Pug in a Purple Octopus Costume Looking Sad

Something makes him look sad. Maybe it’s the forehead-wrinkles?


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