Dog of the Day: Preview Service Puppy

I spent a chunk of today attending a gala luncheon! All part of the glamorous lifestyle of the San Franciscan, which I normally have as much to do with as I do the glamorous lifestyle of the Australian kangaroo farmer. But in this case, I was invited by Guide Dogs for the Blind, which is a local nonprofit, to cover their event for my blog. The sacrifices I make for my readers!

So I will be posting some pictures from the luncheon this Sunday, and probably some more next Sunday, since I have a LOT of pictures and they need a LOT of editing. (I have decent equipment for outdoor work but not indoor.) But in the mean time, I wanted to get one picture up here for you, just as a little preview.

Sleepy Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy

Someone’s a little bit overloaded. This was a common theme at the gala. But they all held up well regardless.

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  1. Anh says:

    “Man, I shouldn’t have eaten that last cookie!”

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