Dog of the Day: Adopted Macy’s Kitten!

So it turns out that two of my coworkers adopted one of the Macy’s window kittens this year! Here’s how it happened: I pointed out the live webcam to one of my coworkers who also likes adorable things. And she happened to mention it to a couple of members of our fine operations/IT group, who, it turns out, are completely helpless in the face of cute. And they saw one of the kittens in that window and just went ‘OH MY GOD WE MUST HAVE THAT KITTEN!!!’ And so they did.

These pics are all from early on after the adoption. I will post some grown-up pics another Caturday. (I also don’t remember what name they chose, so I’ll include that later too.)

Tuxedo Kitten Adopted from San Francisco SPCA

Oh god that little white goatee. And the little black nose!

Tiny Tuxedo Kitten on a Huge Cat Tree

I want one of those. Not for a cat. For me.

Small Tuxedo Cat Standing On Windowledge

I think we have an aspiring bird-watcher here.

Tuxedo Kitten Playing in Paper Bag

A cat can resist anything except a bag. Or a box. Or a laser pointer. Or… or… or…

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