Dog of the Day: Ivy the Vizsla Puppy

*singing* “Vizsla vizsla vizsl’amour, vizsla vizsla vizsl’amour, vizsla vizsla vizsl’amour, vizsla companie!” Well, it sort of works, if you pronounce ‘vizsla’ with three syllables. 🙂

Adolescent Vizsla

She’s at that awkward, gangly stage.

Adolescent Vizsla

She makes an excellent photographic subject, as long as you have enough light to use a high shutter speed. Always moving!

Adolescent Vizsla Shaking


Adolescent Vizsla

She really is amazingly photogenic.

Adolescent Vizsla

Such dynamic poses.

Adolescent Vizsla Nose

Er, did I say ‘poses’? I meant ‘noses’. (Also: compare and contrast.

Adolescent Vizsla

Apologies to all you Blondie fans out there.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Ivy the Vizsla Puppy

  1. Rose Marie says:

    She is gorgeous!!

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