Double Dog Day: Blix & Nani the Unrelated Twins

There were just too many breeds for these two to put in the subject line today. Blix is an Australian shepherd/border collie mix, and Nani is an English springer spaniel/Labrador retriever mix. When they were puppies, they spent a lot of time together, and everyone thought they were siblings because they looked so alike, even though they are totally different mixes.

Sadly, none of the pictures of the two of them together came out, so you’ll have to live with one picture of each of them before the break, and another picture of each of them after the break.

Springer Spaniel/Labrador Retriever Mix

Evidence suggests that Nani is the slightly goofier of the pair.

Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix

Blix is the slightly more subdued half of the team.

Half-Springer Spaniel, Half-Labrador Retriever

White toes, white chest, white tip of the nose, black everywhere else. Sort of reasonable for a springer spaniel mix.

Half-Australian Shepherd, Half Border Collie

On the other hand, I have NO IDEA how an Aussie/border collie mix comes out jet black all over. WTF? (Ooo, look at that foofly tail!)

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22 Responses to Double Dog Day: Blix & Nani the Unrelated Twins

  1. Terry says:

    Love these dogs. Looks just like our sweetie who’s mom was beagle basset mix and dad was Australian shepherd spaniel mix. same coloring, same tail as nani

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Adam: Good running into you yesterday with Nani and her new brother, Kalo. Forgot about these photos taken back in 2010. We haven’t seen her unrelated twin, Blix for quite some time.
    Thanks for posting!

    • Kate says:

      I’m Blix’s human and just stumbled back on this link. Blix is alive and well but alas not in South Park anymore πŸ™ Blix is a working dog and work is now near Duboce Park and Dolores so she’s been hanging up there. While she may look something like a flat coat, I highly doubt it. She’s considerably smaller and lighter boned and she doesn’t have a swimming bone in her body – she quakes at the sight of a puddle. Glad to hear Nani has a bro now – miss seeing you all!!

      • Adam Lang says:

        Aww! I’m glad Blix is doing fine! Maybe I’ll get lucky sometime when I’m down by your area and run into Blix again, so I can get some better pictures. Is Blix a little less nervous than I seem to remember her being when I ran into her? (I can’t believe I remember that from two years and six hundred dog posts ago, but some dogs just stick in my mind!)

        • Kate says:

          that’s hilarious that you remember Blix given your impressive chronicle of SF dogs! I, of course, think she’s very memorable, but it’s great to hear others find her so too. She has a doppelganger named Bella at Duboce Park. You thought Noni and Blix looked alike? this will make you do a full on double take! as for her nerves, what can I say? she is part border collie! If there’s a way, tell me how to send you a photo. I have a picture of her getting acupuncture! a true Bay area dog, she’s into holistic medicine….

          • Adam Lang says:

            Well, you could email it to me and I could post it, if you like. (My email address is on the ‘About the Authors’ page.) Or, another good way is to use It lets you upload images without even making an account, if you prefer, or you can make an account so you have control over the pictures. And then you can just save a link to the picture in a comment here.

            Sounds like I should get back down to Duboce Park sometime for some dog pictures. Autumn and I looked at an apartment right near there, but it turned out to be a little too small. (The bedrooms were both 10×10, and, well… yeah.) But boy was it a nice location.

  3. katie says:

    I believe Blix may not be as you think…. research a Flat-Coated Retriever… my pup looks just like Blix but with a white chest and slightly white hair on the paws and nose. πŸ™‚ Just thought I’d mention as I learned a new breed from Bruce (my pup).

  4. Cheryl Clayton says:

    Since Shadow has finally gotten his full growth he is nearer the size of a border collie but longer in body. One unusual thing about him is that he has a slight deformation of his jaw. While this doesn’t affect his eating, he does have a bit of a strange grin. It just makes him that much more lovable to me.

    I have nicknamed him “Little Monster” because he is constantly into everything and everyone’s business. He constantly “courses” (weaves back and forth walong a forward line) when we go for a walk so that he doesn’t miss a thing. And he has to make sure every one of his people are exactly where he thinks they should be and doing what they should be doing. He’s quite a character and my best boy.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aww. Wish I could meet him, he sounds like quite a sweetheart, even if he is a bit of a control freak!

      Do you have any pictures of him online? If so, please feel free to post a comment with some links.

  5. kate says:

    He is soo cute with all the fluffy ness i need to look arownd more on this page i will say something else after i look at every thing.

  6. kate says:

    I just finished looking i wish i could have one:) they are soooooo cute! I would think they where twins two.

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  8. Tyler says:

    OMG I have that same exact dog 2 years old named sage

  9. Claire says:

    Wow! Blix looks identical to my dog Bramble 🀯 I have been trying to figure out her breed for years (as she is a rescue dog). It is crazy that she is a mix with retriever, yet pitch black. If anyone has Instagram, please let me know the handle as I would love to see more pictures of Blix.

  10. APOLLO THE DOG ARF says:


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