Dog of the Day: Olio the Norwich Terrier

All right, a little bit of personal business to get out of the way before we get to the dog. No, we haven’t moved yet. Yes, we were supposed to. Yes, something came up that may well prevent us from moving into the new place at all. Yes, we’re feeling pretty put-upon right now. Yes, I have had to cancel my vacation to deal with all this. And finally, YES THIS SUCKS.

Dogs of San Francisco thanks David King for providing temporary hosting space for its server, while we figure out what the heck happens next. Someday… somehow… Autumn and I will have a place to live that we intend to stay in for more than a month, and we will move it back. Argh argh argh.

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled feature: Olio, the Norwich Terrier. Olio took to me right away, which was apparently somewhat unusual for him. Not that he’s hostile, or scared, or anything like that… he just has other things on his mind than people, usually. Well, fortunately for my state of mind, he stopped and gave me a few smooches and let me pet him, and then posed for some very cute pictures. (Two more of which are after the break.)

Olio the Norwich Terrier, sitting.

It took dad a few tries to get Olio to sit still for some pictures, and once he did, it sure didn't last long.

Norwich Terrier, sitting, eyebrow detail.

Check out those eyebrows. So cute. Kind of like a Scottie except blond! (The tiny bit of tongue is cute too.)

Norwich Terrier, happy face.

Dog smile. Someone was clearly having a good day. Puppy kisses for everyone!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Olio the Norwich Terrier

  1. mama olio says:

    Yes that’s Olio alright. You have a higher chance scoring with Olio if you are a lady friend with a safeway shopping bag.

  2. Cousin Moka says:

    Lookin’ pretty good there, Cuz! Struttin’ your stuff!

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