First: Good Tidus tidings! His doctor says that he is doing well, and should be able to start doing a bit of walking for himself sometime in the next week or so. For an injury that could have paralyzed his back half for life, that’s so great! Hooray, Tidus! Autumn and I got him a ‘get well soon’ squeaky-toy, and he is apparently enjoying it enough to drive his parents to distraction. Yay!

In celebration of this good news, I am posting a celebratory 3-month-old corgi puppy, whose name I didn’t catch because I was too busy squealing like an elementary school girl.

Tricolor Corgi Puppy In A Bag

I was walking home from work, and I stopped and did a double take: it was a TEENY CORGI in a BAG!

Tricolor Corgi Puppy In A Bag Holding Up His Paw

The paw.

Tricolor Corgi Puppy In A Bag

The lips!

Tricolor Corgi Puppy In A Bag Sticking Out His Tongue

Okay now that’s just too much.

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