Caturday Supplement: Jackson Browne the Adoptable Black Siamese

Hello from sunny New Jersey! Actually, after a lousy day yesterday, it’s turned pretty nice here. But I didn’t want to leave my audience hanging, so I thought I’d post an adoptable kitty for y’all today.

I ran into Jackson Browne (12, male Siamese) at a pet store in SF. They loan out a room to a small animal shelter, ‘Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue‘. Jackson here is one of the rescue-able animals, and I have to say, he is a real love bug. I walked in and he meowed at me like a rusty door hinge and immediately came up and started rubbing against me. He soaked up love like a little kitty-sponge, and I’m pretty sure that if I’d been willing to hang around for an hour, he would have been delighted to sit in my lap for the entire time. Such a sweet kitty!

How does such a sweet kitty end up in a shelter? Well, it seems that his elderly owner passed away recently (of cancer). And Jackson was found in rather a bad way: starving, dirty, lethargic, probably dehydrated too. But they’ve fed him up a bit and he’s fine now. Just looking for a new home. I would totally take this cat, he’s an utter sweetheart.

By the way, if you post a comment in the next few days, don’t be surprised if it takes up to an hour (or more if I’m in bed) to appear on the blog. I’m currently suffering a terrible spam attack, and a lot of it was getting through, so I’ve turned on moderation for all not-already-approved users. (If you’ve posted a comment here with the same name and email address before, you’re approved.) I wish the anti-spam software from the company I work for worked on blogs, but alas, it doesn’t, and the one that I am currently using seems to be letting me down rather badly. Hmf.

Slender Black Siamese Cat

Jackson is sleek!

Slender Black Siamese Cat With Piano Key Collar

This is Jackson reminding me that taking pictures is not as important as petting the kitty.

Slender Black Siamese Cat

Fortunately, there was someone else to take over the petting when I left.

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