Dog of the Day: Shiba Chauffeur

This guy was funny because when I came up to the car he was in, he stuck his head out and sniffed at me, and seemed quite happy to see me. As soon as I turned around and walked away, he started barking at me like a little terror. And not the ‘don’t go!’ kinds of barks, either, but the ‘GO AWAY YOU BAD MAN! RAPE! MURDER! DOPERY!’ kind of bark. Ah well, he’s a shiba, what do you expect?

Two more pictures after the break.

Shiba Inu poking his head out a car window

Shiba inus are one of the more popular breeds in SF. Not bad for a breed whose first litter in the US was in 1979. (According to Wikipedia, anyway.)

Shiba inu with his head stuck out a car window

He seems like he really takes an interest in his surroundings, doesn't he?

Shiba inu in a car.

Why does this put me in mind of a bad buddy movie, co-starring a grey and white floofy cat?

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