Dog of the Day: Nora the Senior Wolfhound Mix

I’m used to dogs that look like Nora but are 1/10 her size. They’re also usually not nearly as friendly as she is.

Writing this post from a hospital bed. My back decided that it was going to go into spasms this morning and attempts to propitiate were not wholly successful. Morphine and muscle relaxants, wheee.

Edit: How careless of me to forget to mention that Nora has her very own blog, at Some of the pictures there are awwwww-inspiring.



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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Nora the Senior Wolfhound Mix

  1. Sandy says:

    Hope you will be feeling better soon – take it easy on yourself Adam.

  2. Nora's humans says:

    Hope you feel better, Adam!

    We also post a photo of Nora every day on Check it out for more Nora photos.

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