Dog Story of the Day

I’m on a super-low-bandwidth connection at the moment, so you get a dog story instead of some pictures today. Why am I on a low-bandwidth connection? Because I am babysitting two Bernese mountain dogs, and neglected to get the wifi password, so I’m using a cell modem thingie instead.

Taking care of these two is awesome, but I have to say, it’s a real full-time job. I don’t know how their owners manage it and actual jobs at the same time. For example, I ducked out for an hour and a half or so to grab some dinner, and when I got back the two of them were acting very… self-satisfied. Smug, even. And then I noticed that a bag of treats was missing from the counter (Berners are TALL). I got quite worried, and called in and asked for suggestions, and one of their owners said, ‘oh, yes, they’ve done that before, they probably didn’t actually eat the bag, I bet I know where it is’. And sure enough, there it was.

Now I get to keep an eye on them to see if either one gets sick from too much rich food. But it’s hard to stay mad at these giant lumps of love wrapped in fur.

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