Caturday Supplement: Black and White SPCA Kitten

Due to a somewhat complicated series of events, I’ve recently ended up with about $10 worth of free merchandise a week (with free shipping) from Sears. Since I don’t especially need anything worth $10 or less from Sears, and I can’t save it up (like I said, complicated), I’ve taken to buying dog beds and towels and such and bringing them to the SPCA. Which, in addition to making me feel good, also has the added benefit of giving me the frequent opportunity to take pictures of cute puppies and kittens at their new, improved facility. Thus, a kitten!

Black and White American Shorthaired Kitten

This bit of the new facility seems quite unfair. You walk in and there are these adorable kittens, but they’re behind glass and you can’t visit with them.

Black and White American Shorthaired Kitten

I guess the ones in that display haven’t had their shots yet, so you’re not supposed to interact with them. But still. Talk about a tease!

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