Confusing Double Dog Day: Magnet and Velcro the Keeshonds

So very confusing. These two are apparently the same two I ran into back when one of them was just a puppy, in a local pub. And when I was there, I very conscientiously wrote down the following note: “Athena bigger 1 yr f, Bandit or Bandito m 10 wks Keeshonds”.

And yet now their mom and dad insist that their names are, and always were, Magnet (the older girl, now 2 years old, in the fetching red leash) and Velcro (the younger boy, just barely 1 year old, in the handsome blue combination). And I must admit, for a breed whose fur will pick up just about anything, those are a pretty good pair of names. And yet, where in the world did I get Athena and Bandit from? I don’t know… it seems to me that someone was teasing me, either now or then. (Just perhaps it was some random bar patron, who answered the question? Who knows.)

Ah well. I can put up with some ambiguity, if it means I get to photograph two gorgeous pups like these.


Some more pictures from out in front of our local watering hole, ‘The Bell Tower’.

Keeshond Grinning At The Camera

They’re one of those spitz-y kinds of dogs with the great grin.

Two Very Happy Keeshonds Grinning At The Camera

I don’t know what I did to deserve those expressions, but whatever it was, I hope I can keep doing it.

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