Dog of the Day: Emma the Labradoodle Puppy

I ran across Emma in the almost-dark. I had to try taking pictures anyway, she was just too adorable, but none of them came out. But rather than subject you to more of my blurry best efforts, I got lucky this time, and cadged her mom into sending me some pictures she’d taken. So, if these are awesome, no credit to me (except I lightened up some of the shadows a bit.) All credit to Emma’s mom (for taking them) and Emma (for being ridiculously adorable!)

Brown Labradoodle Puppy On a Bench

If you look closely you can see the little ploof of white fur on her chest. (Yes, ‘ploof’ is a technical term. It means ‘ploof’.)

Brown Labradoodle Puppy Chewing On Blue Ball


Brown Labradoodle Puppy in Handbasket

Emma is 12 weeks old in this picture… it won’t be long before she doesn’t fit in that basket any more.

Brown Labradoodle Puppy in Handbasket

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again: EEEEEEEEE! TOO CUTE!

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